Contract Staffing

Sometimes it makes sense to pursue shorter-term career goals. Short-term professional opportunities allow candidates to test out new markets or industries or to gain valuable experience in a new area of focus. The same BluChip Solutions culture and methodologies that have made us North America’s premier executive recruiting firm are utilized to find meaningful professional staffing opportunities for our contract candidates.

Retained Search

Retained recruiting is generally engaged for the purpose of senior-level executive positions, and candidates considered as part of a retained search can be assured that the hiring company highly values the opportunity. Particularly appropriate when the need is urgent or the hire will have a significant impact on company performance, retained search demands precision and discretion – exactly why you can trust BluChip Solutions.Type your paragraph here.

​​Contingency Search

Contingency recruiting is a particularly appropriate approach for companies looking to fill mid- to upper-level positions on a non-confidential basis. These are not pie-in-the-sky ideas, but genuine opportunities that match your skills, your experiences and your objectives. Utilizing our contingency recruiting model, BluChip Solutions expertly connects qualified candidates to open jobs that make the most sense for your professional growth and long-term career.Type your paragraph here.

How We Work

BluChip Solutions tailors our search services to the requirements of individual projects, enabling our teams to best help candidates and clients achieve their business and professional goals. Across our practice groups we offer a variety of Retained Recruiting, Contingency Recruiting, and Contract Staffing designed to assist job seekers and hiring companies in meeting their specific objectives and requirements.

Executive Services

Are experienced executive recruiters, each with extensive human resources experiences, work with our client companies to learn their goals, objectives, and culture, along with the details of the requirements of their open leadership positions.

Delivering your next BluChip Candidate


This solution provides the option to hire a consultant at any time during an assignment. This allows clients the opportunity to determine if a candidate has the necessary technical skills and blends well with the company’s culture. The contract-to-hire option has been extremely successful in enabling clients to build their teams effectively.

Direct Hire

We guarantee that our candidates will match your needs and be ready to immediately impact your companies initiatives. Our direct placement of employees will assist your Human Resources Department in addressing hard-to-fill positions.

At BluChip Solutions we understand that reliable, qualified people are the fundamentals of success.  Our firm is built  on the concepts and principles of measurable performance, accountability and trust and our overarching conviction that with a solid workforce infrastructure in place there is no limit to what can be achieved.

We deploy time, energy and expertise to build partnerships with clients and employees - investing in relationships - providing detail-oriented service and a customized approach.

As a full-service workforce management solutions firm offering contract, contract-to-hire, permanent placement and executive services, we specialize in finding highly skilled professionals for contract assignments and direct placement. Our trained group of experts prides itself on understanding the needs of our clients and delivering the right people to get the job done.

During the recruiting process, we appreciate the opportunity to visit our clients on site so we can get a feel for the work environment and technical skills that are in demand. This helps us during our screening process to identify the best BluChip candidates.  Every BluChip Solutions' candidate is  put through  rigorous screening, including our technical testing process. We utilize subject matter experts for our technical screening so you can be certain that any candidate we present to you has demonstrated proficiency in the work area for which the candidate is recommended.

Our solutions are flexible and varied. We can augment your departments on an as needed basis or we can handle your project in its entirety.


BluChip Solutions will provide a contract solution in which a specialized, hourly consultant is assigned to your company to fill an urgent and immediate need. Our rapid and targeted response increases the flexibility and productivity of your teams.